Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of information that a user’s device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) downloads when you visit a website. They allow the site to “remember” your computer, but not who is using it specifically, and to improve your user experience. By linking the identification numbers in the cookies with other customer information when, for example, you access the website, we will know that the information in the cookie refers to you.

What is the scope of application of cookies?

Cookies are generally used for a variety of purposes, such as permitting the user to browse pages efficiently, implement their user preferences and, in general, improve therir browsing experience by personalising the website in accordance with the browsing and user profile. They can also help to ensure that the advertisements that users see online are more relevant to them and their interests.

What cookies do we use?

Our website uses several types of cookies with different purposes, as explained in greater detail in section 4 “Categories of cookies on”.

Specifically, we use:

A) Session cookies, whose duration is limited to the time the browsing session lasts. They are normally used to facilitate access to the services on our website, in order to check your identity when you access site as a registered member and to remember the articles that you have placed in your shopping basket; and

B) Persistent cookies, with a duration longer than one visit. They are used to record the users’ preferences and actions on the website. In this case, when a user returns to our website or visits websites that use the same cookies, the website reads the cookies and identifies the user’s browser.

Included among these cookies are:

C) Proprietary cookies, which are supplied by the website that you are visiting, i.e.,, and can only be read by that website. For example, the cookies that record the products in the user’s shopping basket while browsing the website. Proprietary cookies can be session or persistent cookies.

D) Third-party cookies, the purpose of which is to collect data anonymously, such as analytical information, including browsing statistics. Other third-party cookies have as their purpose tracking the response of our visitors to our online promotional activities. This technology uses information on their visits to our website and to third-party websites on which we advertise in order to show advertisements of interest. We also use these cookies to know which banner advertising brings users to our website.

Third-party cookies can be session or persistent cookies.

Categories of cookies on the website

The cookies used on our website may be included in one of the following categories:

A - Technical cookies

We do not need to have your consent to use these cookies.

A.1: Browser or session cookies

These are strictly necessary session cookies that are essential for allowing you to move around the website and use its main functions, such as accessing the secure areas of the website. These cookies include session authentication cookies. Without these cookies it is not possible to provide necessary services, such as, for example, shopping baskets or electronic billing.

cookies incluyen cookies de autentificación de sesión. Sin estas cookies no se pueden prestar servicios necesarios, como, por ejemplo, cestas de la compra o facturación electrónica.

They allow us to identify you as being connected to and guarantee you access to the proper functions on our website.

If you choose to disable these cookies, you will not be able to use our website to request our products; you will only be able to browse it.

We also use a cookie to check that you have been informed of our use of profile cookies and that you have accepted said use, where applicable.

A.2: Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies allow the website to remember your online configuration (such as your user name, language or location) and provide improved and more personalised functions.

These cookies can also be used to remember the changes you make in font, font size and other customisable features of the website. Likewise, they can be used to provide services that you might have requested or to prevent you from receiving services that you might have rejected.

These cookies can be proprietary or third-party. At the moment, we are only using proprietary cookies, which can be session or persistent cookies.

When you choose functionalities and services, you accept our use of the related functionality cookie.

B – Analysis Cookies

These cookies are also called performance cookies and they gather information regarding your use of our website, so that we can improve its quality and our services. For instance, we can detect the pages that you visit most frequently and whether you receive error messages from web pages. Performance cookies allow us to implement these features and optimise the functioning of our website. All the information gathered by these cookies is global and, therefore, does not collect personal identification data.

These cookies can be proprietary or third-party.

These cookies include analyses that allow us to obtain statistics about access to the website and browsing it, see which website users are coming from, help us to improve the website by evaluating information on its use, any errors that may care while our users are browsing it and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, through the use of comprehensive information.

C – Profile Cookies, our online advertising provider and/or third parties use these cookies, including advertising and targeting cookies, to offer you a personalised navigation experience and display advertising to you that is relevant, and of interest to you, regarding third-party websites. Cookies are used to identify your preferences and analyse your online interactions and operations with us. This information is exclusively obtained in benefit of and it will not be shared with any third party, except our service providers for the purpose of processing personal information on our behalf.

Under certain circumstances, especially if you have entered our website, we will be able to combine data gathered through cookies with your personal data for the aforesaid purposes, unless you have expressly refused to be object to such processing and have chosen not to receive such cookies